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Our Solutions

Small Business (1 – 5 Staff)

Sales follows marketing. There are very cost effective ways of marketing that do not require a lot of cash flow and these should be initiated as soon as possible.  Some examples are: Referral Marketing, Following up existing clients for more business, following up partners for more business, Basic Web Site, Telemarketing. Sicoor has a team of highly skilled and experienced staff able to operate very cost effectively as and when required.  We engage skill professionals to do specific tasks so that they are working very efficiently and you only pay for what you use.

Medium Business (6 – 40 Staff)

Major Challenges, Cash flow, Lack of Time, Recruiting and managing Staff: Sicoor Business Services is an organisation providing a range of flexible and extremely cost competitive human resource solutions.  Small businesses have very different challenges from larger organisations however the requirement for appropriately selected and deployed staff is similar on a different scale.  We have solutions to address the typical resource challenges in Small businesses, Medium sized businesses and large enterprises or government organisations.

Government / Enterprise

Major Challenges, Staff effectiveness, Recruiting and Managing Staff, Staff inefficiencies, Cost of Back Office staff, In order to survive and prosper businesses must come up with new and innovative ways of differentiating themselves from the crowd and the only real way do to this is through the people working in the organisation.  The people are, in the majority of cases, the single greatest investment of any organisation, large or small.

04 Dec

Our Services

24 x 7 Customer Support

Logging Service tickets, Level 1 and Level 2 technical support, Pre-sales and post-sales support, Phone order taking, Inbound customer service calls, Phone technical support All calls are logged by our PABX including time of call, calling number (if not silent), time to answer call and call duration. We aim to answer the call within 3-5 rings and answer with a script you provide us.  All service tickets are logged into our Service Management system and during business hours escalated to a level 1 technician.


Is it becoming increasingly difficult allocate time to focus on your important tasks that grows your business? We provide a wide ranges of highly skilled administration assistants that can perform such tasks as: Phone answering, taking messages, transferring calls, Phone call monitoring and logging, After sales service and support, Telemarketing, Follow up client payments, Following up supplier orders, Administration and appointment setting, Application configuration (e.g. setting up CRM system), Data entry, Customer support & Create systems and procedures for your organisation

Business Development & Strategy

Management: Most of the business management of the team is done with our local specialists. Business development and strategic planning is done in Australia and is costed. Business Development: This task is done with the business owner in conjunction with a local solution specialist on an as needed basis and as cash flow permits.

Team management: The important thing about Sicoor Business Services is that we are more than just another outsourcing company.

Financial Services

Do you spend a lot of time in your bookkeeping and accounting tasks?( Bookkeeping services ) General bookkeeping, Bank reconciliation, Invoice preparation, Daily records updates, Business Activity Statements, Records data entry, General ledger maintenance ( Accounts preparation ) Trial balance, Annual accounts preparation, Monthly/quarterly management accounts, Customised reports ( Accounts) Accounts payable Accounts receivable Invoice processing.

IT and Software Services

Software solution and integration services provider. Our core competence is business understanding combined with technology insight. We design, develop, integrate and maintain business applications to enable businesses to solve complex, mission-critical business problems. Using our services you can stick to your core competence and stay competitive by taking care of strategic IT functions. And we offer a set of specialised services that are aligned with your vision and business needs.


In order to grow the business Marketing is paramount. Marketing generates sales and sales result in revenue. Most small businesses simply do not market or at the very least do it very poorly. We have a number of cost effective strategies that can be employed: Web site development, Account Management, Focused Telemarketing, Development of marketing collateral, Search Engine optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Brochures, Flyers, Mailouts, Newsletters, Animated Video’s


Sales follows marketing. Local staff will need to have some involvement in this and in selecting individuals or small operators to be part of this organisation their sales/account management capabilities will need to be assessed. An ability to create and maintain great relationship with clients is essential. The Account Management role can be shared between local operators and the Sicoor Sales team.

04 Dec

Our Difference

Local Management

One of the challenges with outsourcing staff is management (particularly if the staff are in other countries). Managing remote local staff can be a challenge enough, managing outsourced staff has its own unique challenges. Sicoor addresses this challenge in a number of ways:-

(i) Staff Selection

Staff are carefully selected and we specifically select staff who are very capable of managing themselves.

(ii) Team Leaders

Some of our remote staff are located in the Philippines and the US. We have local team leaders who are there mainly to support our staff to do their jobs.

(iii) Local Management

Even with good staff and good team leaders, there can still be challenges with communication between staff and the client team. In order to ensure that this runs smoothly we have a team located here in Australia who will manage the account and the team.

Local Phone number

All staff are provided with a local Australian Phone number from the state that your business resides. We have a state of the art VoIP phone system that allows our staff to be connected via our central PABX wherever they are in the world.

Work Continuity

Settling staff into a new job is generally an expensive process whether they are full time, contractors or an outsourced labour force. One of the big challenges of typical outsourced staff is that they tend to move around a lot. At Sicoor we pride ourselves on paying our staff better than anyone else, offering them a host of benefits that other organisations do not and making sure they are part of our team. As a result we have staff that are proactive, enthusiastic and stay with the organisation for the long term. This enables our clients to create a relationship with their team and ultimately.

Selection process

Our staff are all individually selected. The first assessment is their technical skills and then personality and attitude and finally English communication. All staff have NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) Security clearance and have excellent references and backgrounds. We pay well and so are fortunate to be able to select from the best.

Interview, Select and train

Selecting staff is always a challenge in any business. Even using a recruitment organisation has its drawbacks. Sicoor’s process is to have a team leader come in and scope the job, then create the training materials if there are none and from that create a detailed job specification and finally select an appropriate staff member. We will then train them and induct them into the business.

Data Security

One of the Sicoor Group of companies is our network integration business, Sicoor Business Systems which was founded in 1989 and has significant expertise in data security. All data is located on our client’s network or in our secure data centre and access to and from data is fully encrypted.  There is no option to down load data locally.

Staff Security

Our staff have NBI Security clearance and excellent credentials of integrity and honesty.

Time recording

Some companies have cameras on their staff to ensure that they are working every minute of the day. Whilst we have the capability to do this, it is not part of our company philosophy. We do however have a time recording facility where our staff record what they do and when they do it. This is provided to our clients at the end of the month.

04 Dec

What We Do

We provide Australian businesses with very cost effective, highly skilled, motivated staff – remote and on-site, local and global.
Our mission comprises of two key objectives:

1| Help Australian business increase their competitive edge

We aim to do this by providing a fully flexible, skilled, cost effective and efficient workforce by sourcing part and full time professionals both locally and globally.  We have a growing pool of professionals with very diverse skill sets from Australia, the Philippines and the United States.

2| Provide opportunities to a global skilled workforce

One of our objectives is to provide meaningful work to skilled professionals who have challenges getting work in the standard office environment.  We source these professionals both locally within Australia and from specific international locations such as the United States and the Philippines.

Local resources

We are specifically looking at providing opportunities for skilled professionals who have retired, who may have lost their jobs through downsizing or people such as single parents who prefer to have work from home type positions.  One of the areas many business process outsourcing business struggle is in the management of a culturally diverse workforce.  Australians are well known for good management practices and this is a key area where local workers can add real value.

Global Resources

Most of our overseas team are currently from the Philippines because they have very good English, are very well qualified, are very proactive, and are easy going and enthusiastic.  We have recently started sourcing part time staff from the US because due the shortage of work we are able to very competitively source an excellent skill set.

04 Dec

How we do it

Our 5 stage process

  1. Evaluate

We cannot help everyone and it is as important for us as it is for our clients to ensure that we can both benefit from the engagement.  The first meeting is no cost and no obligation and will take around 1 Hr.

  1. Plan

Our business thrives on helping you grow your business.  In order to ensure this success we believe that it is important to engage with you to build a clear strategy.  To do this we start by working with you to create a strong vision, then some short to medium term goals.  From there we assist with a basic business evaluation including an analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.  Finally we create a short to medium term strategy to move from the current position to achieve the goals that were set. This process takes somewhere between 8 to 10 hours and costs $100.

  1. Implement

implementing your strategy involves marketing, effective use of resources, and proper management.

  1. Manage

Many plans and strategies fail because the business owner simply gets caught up in the day to day requirements of the business and stops pushing.  Our job is to provide and manage the team around you to ensure that the results are delivered.

  1. Optimize

Things change, the circumstances, the environment, the economy, your personal situation or a host of other factors.  These things can affect the attainment of the goals that have been set.  It is important to be flexible and have periodic meetings to assess progress and optimise or fine tune the operation as required.