About Us

We solve your IT problems so you can go back to work.


We are Consultants, Service Providers and Developers

As developers, we are developing a Blockchain application:

My Health In Real Life (myHealthIRL) is a decentralised application whereby an individual can maintain and control their own health records and then share them with healthcare providers or any other collaborators they choose.

As an IT Services Company, we provide:

  • Top Quality IT Support
  • Network Solutions
  • Wireless Solutions
  • IT Systems Artichects

Security (Cloud Solutions)

Sicoor has developed a hybrid cloud system solution with proprietary tools to ensure security and privacy. We provide a multi-tiered, multi-layered security mechanism that starts at the device and ends at the data.

Wireless Systems Design

Specialist wireless consulting and design services including:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Audits
  • Line of Sight Surveys
  • Radio Network Design
  • Frequency Assignment
  • Civil and Structural Works Design
  • Power Systems (including solar) Design
  • Integration with other customer’s networks
  • Other project-dependent functions

Network Solutions

Sicoor specialises in designing, implementing and managing enterprise data networks of small & medium sizes. Our end-to-end core IT infrastructure skills across networking gives us a unique and rich understanding of what your business needs and how to achieve it successfully and sustainably. Network Solutions include:

  • LAN/WAN Infrastructure
  • Wireless
  • IT Security

IT Support and Maintenance

Services Include:

  • IT Help Desk Services
  • Anti-virus and firewall updates and monitoring
  • Security patches applied
  • protecting your network from new viruses and hacker attacks
  • Spam filters installed and updated
  • Spyware detection and removal
  • Backup monitoring and test re-stores
  • Disk space monitoring on workstations and servers
  • Hardware monitoring for signs of failure
  • Systems optimised for maximum speed

IT Consulting and Managed Services

As technology specialists, Sicoor understands current and emerging technologies and how they impact your business environment – from the desktop to the data center. We ensure that our clients sustain their competitive advantages by deploying the most commercially viable suite of technologies, tailored specifically for each client.

In today’s changing business environment, it is often more cost effective and time efficient to bring in certified consultants to plan and deploy projects. Sicoor not only leverages our industry experience and expertise, but uses our strong industry partnerships to offer customers value. Our IT Consulting and Managed Services solutions help our customers with business planning, architecture and procurement.