07 Mar


A solution for the Healthcare Industry.

MyHealthIRL provides a platform for healthcare professionals to optimize their responsiveness to patient needs.

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Why do we need this??

We go to the internet for virtually everything.  The healthcare industry, however, does not currently utilize tools that create a picture of the patient’s overall health, or have a way of transferring that information in a secure and private way, between health care professionals.  Doctors can certainly email a written report to another professional, but when it comes to anything more sophisticated, they have few reliable resources.  MRI scans, CT scans, PetScans, are all formatted differently and when shared shared not all offices have access to same systems or software.    Patient histories, pathology test results, surgical reports, are all held only in that particular professional’s own files, not in a central place, particular to that patient.  So to share all one person’s information requires extra effort and attention to the often unrecognized NEED that it be shared.

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