04 Dec

Using Technology Boosts Competiveness

We provide a suite of technologies to best suit your specific needs now and into the future. Technology consulting is one of Sicoor’s foundations that define who we are and what we do. Sicoor focuses on four key areas:

  • Managed Services
  • Wireless & Security Solutions
  • Computer and Network Support & Security
  • Cloud Services

Each time we meet with a new client, we discuss three things.

  1. An IT Audit – The Starting Point

An IT audit is the starting point with a client and it is what first defines the relationship between client and Sicoor. When we undertake an audit, we quickly identify vulnerabilities in your computer systems and business processes, like viruses, spam, spyware, poor practices, inadequate back-ups, etc. We then demonstrate how the deployment of appropriate technology increases performance, speed and reliability from your existing network as well as ensuring your network is properly protected. On the completion of the audit, Sicoor will present to you a written report detailing our findings as well as our recommendations, with the view of meeting with you to discuss the report and proceed to the next stage.

  1. Strategic Planning – The Roadmap

Based on our assessment of your business needs and the results of the IT Audit and our discussions with you, we prepare a roadmap, or an IT Strategic Plan, to ensure that your technology keeps pace with your company’s projected growth. This roadmap takes into account our audit findings, your responses thereto, your budget and your forward plans and we then overlay our expertise and experience with existing and emerging technologies to design a tailored solution for your business.

  1. IT Consulting – The Big Picture

Our consultants have the ability to take a “big picture” view of our clients’ needs and requirements. We then work with various technology providers to ensure that your systems are secure, reliable and available always. Our clients can then focus on their business, knowing that their network and computer systems are all performing at optimum levels. Sicoor has a commercial focus, utilising technology as tools for your business to bolster productivity, reduce staff frustration, and increase communication – all with a focus on improving your ‘bottom line’.

As IT consultants, we are most effective when we work with clients who:

  • Want reliability and security from their computer network;
  • See technology as a tool for boosting productivity and improving customer service; and
  • Are looking for a trusted technology partner who will improve productivity and profitability through expert network support.

If you are that client, then Sicoor is the IT Company for you. As a leader in Network Services, IT Consulting and Computer Support, we have the technical expertise and the strong customer service focus needed to deliver advanced solutions for your business on time and within budget. Our highly qualified and dedicated IT professionals have a proven track record helping clients like you realize the true potential of their technology investments.