07 Mar

myHealthIRL – Who benefits?

With all the patients health records in one central secure place, decisions about treatment move from a singular authority – focused on just one particular disease aspect – to a system of partnership and collaboration.

Using MyHealthIRL.com gives you control not only of your health, but freedom to have your profile availible to all your carers.  If you use MyHealthIRL when visiting their actual offices (in real life),  your records are not left behind.  Your files, records, patterns and scans are yours, no matter where you live, work or play.  They are available in one central place, to review, and all your history and latest patterns are in a secure cloud based system using Sicoor’s latest technology and security model.

With MyHealthIRL your GP, oncologist, pathologist; your chiropractor, homeopath, or acupuncturist can be more informed when interacting with you.  By use of our secure app and online secure exam rooms, your records can be reviewed securely and you control who sees, what and when.

MyHealthIRL is now apart of the dHealthNetwork, for more information please visit dhealthnetwork.io